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Branch Office Consolidation solutions

Discover how your midsize business can benefit from a range of HP technology solutions designed to suit your needs..
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Branch Office

View the following branch office consolidation solutions for your specific business needs

Small Branch Office scenario

A small consolidated branch office supporting 10–20 employees.
Exponential growth in business data is likely placing your existing storage infrastructure under a great amount of stress. Unable to cope with growing data demands, your infrastructure may be slow and highly inefficient.

» View the small office solution demo

Midsize consolidated branch office scenario

A midsize consolidated branch office supporting 25–50 employees.
Your branch office may need consolidation to lower IT management costs, reduce risk of disruption, and protect valuable data.

» View the midsize office solution demo

Regional consolidated office scenario

A regional consolidated  office supporting 25–50 employees.
Aim to cut costs by consolidating servers and storage. Reduce operational risks by standardizing your security policy across branches.

» View the regional office solution demo